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23 - 26 November 2020

11:00 - 19:00 Daily
Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai

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Mr. Najmeddine Sahraoui, Deputy General Manager of Middle East and Africa, MB Crusher

 Why is MB Crusher participating at The Big 5 Heavy?

Participation at “The Big 5 Heavy” represents an important opportunity for visitors to become acquainted with and appreciate the high quality of MB’s products and the solid foundations laid down by the company, which have allowed it to become number one in its field in just a short time.  MB Crusher's presence at “The Big 5 Heavy” will enabled it to establish and strengthen a relationship of trust with its customers, to whom it always pays special attention. This presence represents an important opportunity to get to know and appreciate the high quality of its products, as well as the strength with which it has managed to build the foundations that have allowed it to quickly become number one in its field.

 What is your outlook on the GCC and Middle East market?

GCC and Middle East market is growing and moving fast and its infrastructure industry has the biggest potential for growth and opportunities for investment. We think that the construction and mining industry is on the rise and this would have a significant impact on the crushing and screening equipment. MB Crusher offers solutions for every needs, starting from the small work in a city center where a flexible machine reduces costs and staff necessity, to big piping works or mines where working on site is the main requirement.

MB means solutions, innovations and versatility for crushing and recycling. Particularly useful in the most complex situations: small spaces, difficult access, steep slopes, urban areas and material with a lot of rebar. Dubai and the UAE are very important market for MB, so that the reason why MB plans include also strengthening its presence in this geographical area, cooperating with local dealer and give high qualified technical assistance.

 Are you involved in any ongoing projects in the region? If yes, could you provide some details?

Many MB products are working nowadays in different projects and site all over GCC region.

Following you can find some example of our products at work in Mena Region

  1. Lebanon - Mount Lebanon, Kfardebyan area

The customer is in the excavation field. He’s using the MB crushing bucket to crush limestone from excavation.  This material will be recycled and sold as aggretate for buildings. The customer is using the crusher bucket BF90.3


  1. Farasan Island, Red Sea

The crusher bucket BF90.3 is crushing material from excavation: coral rocks that has been crushed to 2 cm to be reused for backfill the excavations following the laying of sanitation.

  1. Saudi Arabia

The inexhaustible power of the BF135.8 and the MB-S18 in a big quarry in Saudi Arabia

  1. Kuwait
    Crushing gabbro in Kuwait with the BF120.4 crusher bucket


 I know that the company is headquartered in Italy, but has offices in Germany, France, Japan, USA, China, India and Brazil. Do you have any expansion plans in the GCC region as well?

MB goal is to increase our presence in this important market. We don’t want to loose any opportunity to take part of the future big projects. We’ll be working very close to our Dealer’s network to confirm and strengthen our relation. We are working to inform our potential clients about a completely new concept of crushing, never seen before, and to make people understand the great advantages in terms of  saving time, money and staff, without forgetting the environmental sustainability.

 What products will you present at The Big 5 Heavy? Will you be launching anything new for the region?

We’re still organizing our organization but for sure will bring several models of crusher and screening buckets and our latest products.

 Are you planning any PR stunts / activities for the visitors/media at The Big 5 Heavy?

Commitment to customer satisfaction, improved results and a company policy that aims to total quality are values that MB follows since day one. Above all, these are values that MB crusher communicates before, during and after the tradeshows to draws attendees to its booth and engage with them. MB’s aim is to inform potential customers about its new concept of crushing and make them understand the advantages in terms of saving time, money and staff, without forgetting the environmental sustainability.

MB is also working in cooperation with its local dealers and this has enabled MB to build a strong and efficient network ready to meet the needs of every customer, wherever they might be.

 What makes your products stand out?

MB Crusher is the inventor of the crusher bucket and offers the widest range of crusher buckets, available for all operating machine. We have crusher buckets for excavators, loader, backhoe loader and skisteer, so we can satisfy all the customers’ requirement.

MB Crusher holds a series of certifications, including UNI EN ISO 9001:2008, CE, TUV, GOST and RINA (the latter is for welding processes) and it employs Hardox-certified materials to give customers the best possible products.

MB Crusher’s focus on innovation is proven by the number of awards that the company has won over the years, including the 1 ̊ Grand Prix at the 2007 International Exhibition of Inventions in Geneva, something which no Italian company had achieved for more than 20 years

Due to its experience , MB uses a hydraulic system AAA + type. The MB crusher bucket is the only one to have a low hydraulic demand both in terms of the need of pressure and hydraulic flow rate . Also the plumbing series AAA + allows a substantial hydraulic cooling during the work steps , thus lengthening excavator life. High productivity and quality (in terms of homogeneity ) of the crushed product in all construction sites , thanks to the patent EP 1532321 owned by MB . The extreme compactness and low center of gravity improves balance and drastically reduces the strain on the excavator arm, eliminating impact and vibration.

Today the MB crusher bucket is no longer considered a niche or specialist piece of machinery, it is becoming part of the standard equipment for every construction company. In fact, the extensive know-how in the engineering sector and investment in technology and innovation have allowed MB Crusher to offer its customers major advantages: the choices made by MB, in fact, are precise choices that, along with their activity performed with passion and desire for improvement, create the best guarantee for all those who rely on MB products because they know they can always find solutions to meet their expectations.

So our mission is to inform about a completely new concept of crushing, never seen before, and to make people understand the great advantages in terms of  saving time, money, staff without forgetting the environmental sustainability.



MB is a leading manufacturer of equipment, machinery and accessories for the construction, demolition and recycling industries. 

Applicable to any type of excavator, MB products are the most effective means in constructions and excavations, but also in special applications such as quarries, mines and environmental rehabilitations, for crushing, screening and separating inert materials directly on site to reuse it or allocate it to other uses. 



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