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23 - 26 November 2020

11:00 - 19:00 Daily
Dubai World Trade Centre, Dubai

60 Seconds With...

 Nagham Al Zahlawi, Strategy & Marketing Manager, NFT Cranes


 What are the major opportunities you spot in the GCC construction industry?

Expo 2020 Dubai and Dubai’s ambition to be a global hub will bring significant growth to the construction sector in the UAE for the next few years. The Expo 2020 Bureau is expected to award 47 construction contracts worth AED11 billion (US$3 billion) by the end of this year, so we’re looking forward to be a part of this major opportunity. Kuwait has a lot of potential due to its significant fiscal reserves, and Abu Dhabi, thanks to its Vision for 2030, is another major opportunity that we’re looking forward to seeing come into development.

 What is the biggest challenge for you in the market this year and why?

The biggest challenge for us is Liquidity: contractors are less willing to invest in tower cranes in long stretches and are focusing on a project to project basis. This tunnel vision is less risky but more costly and less efficient in the long run. Also, more education is needed on the advantage of tower cranes versus other product categories as well as more focus on Quality over Price.

 According to you, what are today’s top 3 industry trends?

First, rental is leading over sales. Second, there’s an increased demand for used equipment; for this reason, NFT has invested in a 300,000-square meter yard with a special facility to recondition used cranes to almost brand new. The third trend is a rising demand for high capacity equipment.  

 What are the major growth drivers for the industry in the UAE?

Government support and vision, tourism and increasing population as well as improved policy and regulations are the major growth drivers.  

 How do you think the local construction and infrastructure industry will evolve in the next 5 years?

We are optimistic about the future. The region has so much more potential to grow and is far from saturation. We expect a larger need for high capacity equipment like GIANT tower cranes (60T and more) especially for luffing and an increasing appreciation for self-erecting machines. We also anticipate that there will be more regulations in Construction with stricter focus on Quality and Safety.



NFT Specialized in Tower Cranes L.L.C (KSA Branch) by Saudi Arabian General Investment Auhtority (SAGIA) is the first distributor of tower cranes and hoists in the G.C.C.

For over 35  years, NFT has seen it all in terms of engineering and logistic challenges and has therefore acquired an excellent understanding of stakes, constraints and ways of working in the construction business.

Our company is mostly specialized in tower cranes, passengers & materials hoists, and other construction equipments. Our products and services are delivered by a highly qualified technical team with a strong emphasis put on safety and safe-work practices.



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